Accessible tax info and forms available with the IRS Alternative Media Center

IRS Tax Tip 2023-88, July 6, 2023

The IRS strives to serve all taxpayers by providing tax information in a variety of formats and languages. As part of that goal, the IRS Alternative Media Center offers accessible products to help people who use assistive technology such as screen reading software, refreshable Braille displays, screen magnifying software and voice recognition software.

People can view and download hundreds of tax forms and publications in alternative formats, many of which are available in Spanish, including:

  • Text-only
  • Braille ready files
  • Browser-friendly HTML
  • Accessible PDF
  • Large print PDF

Where to get accessible tax products

People can download accessible tax forms, instructions and publications from the Accessible Forms and Publications page of They can also request paper copies by calling 800-TAX-FORM or 800-829-3676.

How to request tax notices in accessible formats

To get IRS tax notices in Braille, large print, audio and electronic formats – including notices about additional taxes or penalties owed – taxpayers can complete Form 9000, Alternative Media Preference PDF. To submit the form, taxpayers can:

  • Include the completed form with their tax return
  • Mail it as a standalone form to the IRS at the address on the form
  • Call 800-829-1040

Once the IRS processes the taxpayer's Form 9000, future notices will arrive in the taxpayer's preferred format.

To request notices in their preferred language, taxpayers can complete Form 1040 Schedule LEP. The AMC provides all alternative media formats in Spanish and all available languages in large print. And the AMC is working to introduce more IRS resources in accessible formats.

The accessibility helpline can answer questions

The IRS Accessibility Helpline can answer questions related to accessibility services and alternative media formats available to taxpayers with disabilities. For accessibility assistance, taxpayers can call 833-690-0598.

For assistance with tax law, refunds and other account related issues, people can visit the Let Us Help You page of The Accessibility Helpline doesn't have access to taxpayer IRS accounts.

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