IRS Extends Tax Relief for Tornado Victims in Kiowa County, Kan.


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KS-MO-2007-35, June 13, 2007

ST. LOUIS –– The Internal Revenue Service today announced supplemental tax filing and payment relief for taxpayers in Kiowa County, Kan., which was devastated early last month by tornadoes and severe storms.

This new relief for Kiowa County taxpayers extends until Oct. 15, 2007, filing and payment deadlines, as well as time-sensitive acts described in Treasury Regulation Section 301.7508A-1(c)(1) and Revenue Procedure 2005-27, 2005-20 I.R.B. 1050. The decision to extend relief was based on the extensive property losses in Kiowa County and the impact of the tornadoes and storms on the local economy.

Taxpayers within the county do not need to do anything to qualify for the supplemental relief. However, affected taxpayers who reside or have businesses located outside Kiowa County must call the IRS disaster toll free number, 1-866-562-5227, to identify themselves for relief.

The agency previously declared 21 Kansas counties, including Kiowa County, a disaster area for purposes of filing and payment relief. That declaration gave taxpayers in the disaster area until July 5, 2007, to file and make payments that were previously due on or after May 4 and on or before July 5.

The supplemental relief announced today does not apply to federal excise and employment tax deposits. The deadline for federal tax deposits –– originally due from May 4 to May 21 –– was May 21.