IRS opens new call site in Puerto Rico, staffed by more than 400 island employees

PR-2023-6, Dec. 14, 2023

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service held today a grand opening ceremony of a new call site in Ponce, Puerto Rico. More than 400 newly hired employees will staff the 53,000 square foot building located at Plaza Del Caribe in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

IRS leadership in attendance included Kevin Morehead, Deputy Commissioner, Wage & Investment, and Richard Rodriguez, Chief, Facilities Management and Security Services.

"With the opening of this call site, we're significantly increasing our staffing on the island, which will ultimately not only assist local taxpayers, but also help the nation's bilingual taxpayers who use our telephone resources," said Morehead. "We're excited and grateful for this partnership with Puerto Rico."

The addition of the Ponce call site is part of the IRS expansion of operations in Puerto Rico which includes up to 150,000 square feet of rentable space. Significant milestones for this expansion include two additional Automated Collection System call sites, two additional Accounts Management call sites, one multi business unit facility and four Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TACs).

The total IRS expansion will increase taxpayer accessibility to IRS bilingual services and establish TACs at geographically distinct and separate areas of the island. It will also provide up to 2,000 new federal job opportunities in a geographic area with a median household income of less than $21,000 (32% of the U.S. national median household income).

The new site in Puerto Rico aligns with the IRS Strategic Operating Plan, which aims at improving the taxpayer experience through better customer service as well as attract and retain the best skilled talent.