Members of the military and veterans can visit for tax help

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IRS Tax Tip 2020-29, March 3, 2020

Members of the military and veterans often have unique federal tax situations. The IRS has several resources designed to help meet their specific needs.

Current and former military personnel and their families should first visit They will find information on many of topics that affect them.

Resources for veterans

  • Tax Information for Veterans this page on includes information on tax and non-tax resources available to veterans.
  • The frequently asked questions about veteran employment and retirement plan benefits include information for veterans getting back into the civilian workforce. These questions also highlight details about retirement plan benefits.
  • The Resources for Disabled Veterans page features links to more information about:
    • Where to get free tax preparation help.
    • IRS forms and publications in formats accessible to people with disabilities.

Resources for current members of the military

Tax Information for Members of the Military

  • This page on includes resources geared to several groups:
    • Current and former military personnel.
    • Those serving in a combat zone.
    • Disabled veterans.

Publication 3, Armed Forces' Tax Guide

  • This publication has information and tips to help service members and their families take advantage of all tax benefits. These include:
    • Travel expenses of Armed Forces Reservists.
    • IRA contribution rules for members of the military serving in combat zones.
    • Rules for members of the Armed Forces deducting moving expenses.
    • Eligible unreimbursed moving expenses.

Tax Exclusion for Combat Service

  • This page highlights information for members of the military in a combat zone.

Notifying the IRS by Email about Combat Zone Service

  • This page includes information about the steps someone in a combat zone follows to notify the IRS about their service.

Resources to help current and former military personnel file their tax returns

  • They may qualify for free tax return preparation through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or Tax Counseling for the Elderly. They can use the VITA/TCE locator tool to find a site near them.
  • Another option is IRS Free File. This software allows people to file their taxes electronically for free if they earned $69,000 or less in 2019. Those who make more and are also comfortable doing their own taxes can use Free File Fillable Forms.
  • Members of the military may also want to explore free tax return preparation and electronic filing through MilTax.

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