SOI Tax Stats - Papers - 1993 American Statistical Association Conference


This section contains a paper written by members of the Statistics of Income Division of IRS and presented at the 1993 Joint Statistical Meetings of the American Statistical Association.

The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and are not necessarily the official positions of the Internal Revenue Service.

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How Well Can IRS Count the Population? PDF
Peter Sailer, Michael Weber, and Ellen Yau; Statistics of Income, December 1994.
The following paper is an outgrowth of research performed with a data base of merged individual income tax returns and information documents. It attempts to demonstrate how administrative records can be used to compute a population estimates, discuss the reliability of this estimate, compare estimates from the data base, classified by age, sex, and state, to results from the 1990 Census, and summarize conclusions and make some recommendations for further research.

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