Exempt Organizations Annual Reporting Requirements - Filing Procedures: Incomplete Returns


What happens if my Form 990 is missing information or a schedule, or is the wrong return?

If an organization’s return is incomplete or the wrong return for the organization, the IRS will send it back with one of the following letters: 

  • Letter 2694C Returning Form 990 due to Missing Information 
  • Letter 2695C Returning Form 990-EZ due to Missing Information 
  • Letter 2696C Missing Information Request to Process EO Return 

Note: The letter number is on the upper right corner.

Be sure to:

  • Follow the instructions to provide the missing or incomplete information. We may not have identified everything. It's your responsibility to file a complete and accurate return
  • Sign your return.
  • Attach a copy of the letter.
  • Include a reasonable cause explanation of why you didn't initially submit all the required information with your return. We may charge you a penalty if you fail to provide both the missing or incomplete information and a reasonable cause explanation.
  • To avoid penalties. send the corrected return and your reasonable cause statement within 10 days of the date of the letter to the address on the top right of the letter.  The date we receive a complete and accurate return is the date we consider your return filed.

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