Modernized e-File (MeF) Stylesheets


MeF Stylesheets can be used by external stakeholders to display Corporate, Employment, Partnerships, Estates & Trusts, Exempt Organizations, Excise and Individual tax returns.  The stylesheets may be used by software developers, states and/or taxpayers to incorporate into their programs as appropriate.

MeF Stylesheets

Tax Year


 Release Notes


2021 XLS (07-15-2021)
TY2021 Package to Date
TY2022 94x quarterly returns
TY2021 for all returns
2020 XLS (05-19-2021)
TY2020 Package to Date
TY2021 94x quarterly returns
TY2020 for all returns
2019 XSL (04-17-2020) 
TY2019 Package to Date

TY2020 94x quarterly returns
TY2019 for all returns

2018 XSL

Entire Package

TY2019 94x quarterly returns
TY2018 for all returns
2017 XSL

Entire Package

TY2018 94x quarterly returns
TY2017 for all returns
2016 XSL (02-21-2019)
Entire Package
TY2017 94x quarterly returns
TY2016 for all returns

TY2016 Package to Date TY2015/TY2014/TY2013 Entire Package

TY2016 94x quarterly returns
TY2015/TY2014/2013 for all returns
Includes updates for Internet Explorer 11
2014/2015 XSL (06-18-2015)
Entire Package
TY2015 94x quarterly returns
TY2014 for all returns
2013/2014 XSL (05-30-2014)
Entire Package
TY2014 94x quarterly returns
TY2013 for all returns
2012 XSL (05-23-2013)
Entire Package
2011 XSL (03-29-2012)
Entire Package
2010 XSL (04-07-2011)
Entire Package
2009 XSL (03-04-2010)
Entire Package



2008 XSL (10-27-2009)
Entire Package

For current Schemas, Business Rules and Release memos go to the Modernized e-File (MeF) Schemas and Business Rules page.


  • The zipped XSL files contain the XSL, CSS, and GIF files (images, java script, and CSS file) used to display the available return families (720, 94x, 990, 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 2290, 8849, etc).
  • When the 'zip' files are 'unzipped', the user should go with the default saved path names (unless they want to change the path references in CommonPathRef.xsl).
  • The XSL file 'populateTemplate.xsl' was modified to be compatible with Microsoft's XML parser. The original version of this file is in sub-directory 'OrigVersion'.