Tax Tips for April 2023

Tax Tip 2023-58, April 27, 2023 — When a taxpayer can't pay their full tax liability or if paying would cause financial hardship, they may want to consider applying for an Offer in Compromise. This agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS settles a tax debt for less than the full amount owed.

Tax Tip 2023-57, April 26, 2023 — Unscrupulous tax preparers and tax fraud promoters make big promises – and charge high fees – but taxpayers are legally responsible for what's on their return. Taxpayers should use only reputable tax professionals and know what is on their tax return.

Tax Tip 2023-56, April 25, 2023 — While scammers work hard during tax season to try to steal money, personal information and data, they also stay busy the rest of the year. Taxpayers and tax professionals should remain alert and aware of these common scams, schemes and cons to avoid losing money, personal information or client data.

Tax Tip 2023-55, April 24, 2023 — Getting a letter from the IRS can make some taxpayers nervous – but there’s no need to panic. The IRS sends notices and letters when it needs to ask a question about a taxpayer's tax return, let them know about a change to their account or request a payment.

Tax Tip 2023-54, April 20, 2023 —Taxpayers who missed the recent April filing and payment deadline should know their obligations and the possible consequences if they don’t file or have an overdue tax bill.

Tax Tip 2023-53, April 19, 2023 — After filing a return, taxpayers due a refund are usually eager for that money to hit their bank account. They can check the status of their refund easily and conveniently with the IRS Where's My Refund? tool at and with the IRS2Go app.

Tax Tip 2023-52, April 18, 2023 — The filing and payment deadline for most 2022 federal tax returns has arrived. Here’s what last minute filers need to know.

Tax Tip 2023-51, April 17, 2023 — After someone with a filing requirement passes away, their surviving spouse or representative should file the deceased person's final tax return. On the final tax return, the surviving spouse or representative should note that the person has died.

Tax Tip 2023-50, April 13, 2023 — The IRS works to make sure taxpayers pay no more than the correct amount of tax.

Tax Tip 2023-49, April 12, 2023 — The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 made several changes to the tax credits provided for qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles, including adding fuel cell vehicles to the tax credit.

Tax Tip 2023-48, April 11, 2023 — When a tax return has errors, like typos or math mistakes, it can lead to longer processing times and frustration for taxpayers. Many common errors are easy to avoid by carefully reviewing the tax return.

Tax Tip 2023-47, April 10, 2023 — Even after making every effort to file a complete and accurate tax return, mistakes can happen. When a taxpayer realizes that the tax return they filed has a math error, missing income or other mistake, they may wonder if they need to correct it by filing an amended return.

Tax Tip 2023-46, April 6, 2023 — Taxpayers can avoid common errors on their federal tax returns and get their refund sooner by ensuring their tax return is complete, accurate and error-free. They should follow the tips below for a smoother filing process.

Tax Tip 2023-45, April 5, 2023 — All taxpayers filing 2022 tax year Forms 1040 and 1040-SR must check a box indicating whether they received digital assets as a reward, award or payment for property or services or disposed of any digital asset that was held as a capital asset through a sale, exchange or transfer.

IRS Tax Tip 2023-44, April 4, 2023 — The IRS and tax professionals continue to see third parties aggressively promoting Employee Retention Credit schemes on radio and online.

Tax Tip 2023-43, April 3, 2023 — IRS strives to serve to all taxpayers, no matter where they live, their background or what language they speak. To help fulfill that goal, the IRS translates tax information and provides help to taxpayers in many commonly spoken languages.

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