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IRS Tax Forms Outlet Program (TFOP) Partners

We will email Form 8635, Order for Tax Forms Outlet Program (TFOP), soon.

You must use Adobe Acrobat to complete Form 8635. Using other programs may corrupt the form making it ineffective. Follow the instructions below to save and complete your order.

If you receive an error message when submitting your order form, try the steps below:

  1. Set Adobe as the default program to open all PDFs
  2. Open Form 8635 in the email, save it to your computer with a new file name (e.g., TFOP 2021 order)
  3. Open the saved file, complete order, then save with a new file name (e.g., TFOP order 10-5)
  4. Open an email, attach the saved file and send it to

You should receive an order acknowledgment within 30 minutes. If you do not receive it, email your completed order form to us at On the Subject line, type: "Non-receipt of Order Acknowledgment" and your TFOP account number.

IRS Tax Products for TFOP

  • Form 1040 booklet, Instructions 1040 includes Form 1040 SR (for seniors) and Schedules 1-3
  • Form 1040 booklet SP Instructions 1040 SP includes Form 1040 SR (SP) (for seniors) and Schedules 1-3
  • Publication 4604(EN/SP), Use the Web for IRS Tax Products and Information
  • If you need Publication 1132, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms, and Instructions, you must include the request in your email.

No longer want to participate in the TFOP?

Send an email to Please include the TFOP account number associated with the location and a statement to remove the location's account from the program.