Acceptable Documents to Submit Your ITIN Application



1. What documents are acceptable as proof of identify and foreign status?

See:  Obtaining an ITIN from Abroad


2. What documents are acceptable as proof of identify and foreign status for dependents without an entry date on passport?

See: Obtaining an ITIN from Abroad


3. Are there any alternative options for me if I do not want to mail the original documents I have such as my passport? 

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4. Can my consulate or embassy certify my documents?

See: ITIN Documentation Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


5. When will I receive my original documents back?

Original documents will be returned to the address on record after processing your application.  The IRS is currently processing Form W-7s within 14 weeks after receipt. We are taking every action to minimize delays, and we are processing requests in the order they were received.  If you will need your original documents for any purpose within this processing timeframe, you may wish to apply in person at an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center or CAA.  You may also choose to submit certified copies from the issuing agency instead.  Original documents you submit will be returned to you at the mailing address shown on your Form W-7.  You don’t need to provide a return envelope. Applicants are permitted to include a prepaid Express Mail or courier envelope for faster return delivery of their documents.  The IRS will then return the documents in the envelope provided by the applicant.  If your original documents aren’t returned after the timeframe noted above, you can call the IRS at 800-908-9982 (U.S. only) or for international, call 267-941-1000 (this is not a toll free number).