Tax Professionals to Send Certain Tax Returns to Different IRS Centers Than Last Year


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IR-2004-120, Sept. 28, 2004

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service is urging tax professionals to be aware of changes that will affect where they send tax returns and payments for clients starting in 2005. The changes are a result of redistributing workload among the seven IRS processing centers to provide better service.

For tax year 2004, the changes affect returns, with or without payments, from Connecticut and Virginia and for returns with payments from Arizona and Utah.

Tax professionals should send:

  • Returns from Connecticut without payments to the IRS in Kansas City, Mo., 
  • Returns from Connecticut with payments to the IRS in St. Louis, Mo.,
  • Returns from Virginia without payments to the IRS in Fresno, Calif., and
  • Returns from Arizona, Utah and Virginia with payments to the IRS in San Francisco. 

Because many tax professionals will need the addresses for IRS centers before the tax filing season, the IRS is providing them now.  The addresses for all of the states are attached.

For taxpayers who file paper returns, the new center addresses will be provided on the envelopes in the tax packages. Taxpayers who e-file will not be affected by these changes.  Almost half of all individuals chose to e-file their federal tax returns in 2004.

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