What is Accessibility?
Accessibility means ensuring access to information is available to the widest possible audience.

Accessibility Features of the Website
In addition to standard Website accessibility features, we implemented many other MODIEIN accessibility features in compliance with federal regulations.

Change Text Size
Hints for increasing or decreasing the font size on the MODIEIN application.

Attention: JAWS Software Users

Accessing Radio Buttons with Hyperlinked Labels or Descriptions

If you encounter a page that has radio buttons with hyperlinked labels or descriptions succeeding the radio buttons, take the steps below to navigate or make selections.

You can force JAWS to enter "Forms Mode" by pressing the Enter key or use the workaround keys below to navigate and select the radio buttons:  

  1. To move forward press A and spacebar to select
  2. To go back press shift + A and spacebar to select
  3. Use tab key to move forward to label links
  4. Use shift + tab key to go back to prior label links