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Ever wondered about what Statistics of Income (SOI) does or how it relates to the IRS and other government agencies? How long has SOI been collecting data? Want to know what we do and how we do it? You’ll find the answers here.

Purpose and Function of the SOI Program

Want to know how SOI came to be? Or why we came to be? Want to know about our organizational structure and why we do what we do? Look here.

The Work SOI Does

We work with numbers—all day, every day. Oh, but the fun we have doing it. Look here.

Careers with SOI

Consider a career with SOI.

Release and Dissemination of SOI's Statistical Products

Want to know when and how we release data to the public? Look here for information about releases of both advanced and final versions of statistical products, and corrections to statistical products.

A History of the Statistics of Income Division from 1917 to 2007 PDF

Did you know that the income taxes have been levied since 1913? Or that three years later, a mandate declared that each year we'd need to publish statistics with respect to the operation of the tax law? These pages explain some of SOI's history and accomplishments.

Costs Incurred by the Internal Revenue Service, by Budget Activity and Fiscal Years

Internal Revenue Service Personnel Summary, by Employment Status and Type of Personnel

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