Five things people can find on — besides tax filing info

IRS Tax Tip 2022-147, September 26, 2022

Many people know has the latest filing info and tax forms, but they may not be aware that it also has a wide range of other tax-related topics. Here are five things people can find on besides filing info.

  1. Find the Taxpayer Bill of Rights – Each taxpayer has a set of fundamental rights when dealing with the IRS. It's important for taxpayers to know their rights and the IRS's obligation to protect them.
  2. Learn how to apply for 501(c)(3) status – The requirements and process to apply for 501(c)(3) status can be a lot. The IRS' webinars and resources help organizations apply for and maintain federal tax-exempt status.
  3. Discover IRS tax volunteer opportunities – People can learn to prepare taxes and make a difference in their community at the same time by volunteering to prepare taxes free of charge with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs.
  4. Keep up with the latest tax scams – Knowing how identity thieves and fraudsters work is one way taxpayers can keep themselves safe.
  5. Use the Interactive Tax Assistant – People can get personalized answers to tax questions with the Interactive Tax Assistant. This tool provides answers to many common tax law questions based on the taxpayer's individual circumstances.