The environment within SOI is friendly and cooperative. Economists, computer specialists, and mathematical statisticians work together. We easily share ideas and new computer processing techniques with each other. We have about 140 employees with diverse backgrounds and enjoy a low turnover rate. 

A Typical Day

A typical day often includes individual time at your workstation as well as time to work as part of a team on your project. There is little contact with the public. There are days that you might attend an offsite training class or conference, travel to an IRS processing center to train tax return editors or discuss computer requirements with programmers, meet with an OTA staff member to discuss a project, or present a project to other SOI members in a project review meeting.

Professional Growth Possibilities

We want you to grow with us. There are ample opportunities for professional growth in SOI. We have our own in-house seminars, and there are also short, off-site courses as well as local university courses through which you might choose to develop your skills in writing, public speaking, computer science, project management, or interpersonal relationships. There are also opportunities to participate in professional conferences.

Computing Environment

We use a wide range of data processing platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and commercial off-the-shelf software packages.

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