Day Camp and Other Child Care Expenses (ASL) - YouTube video text script


When school's out on break, what do you do with your children? If you send them to a day camp the money you pay may qualify for a tax credit when you file your taxes.

This means you might get some money back.

That's because day camp expenses can be used to claim the child and dependent care credit.

Just remember, it must be a day camp.

Overnight camps do not qualify.

So, if you pay to send your child to a day camp or some other day care arrangement, or if you pay someone to watch your child at home while you work, you may qualify for a credit that is a percentage of the amount you pay for child and dependent care expenses.

The percentage you can claim as a credit is based on factors like your income, number of qualifying dependents and filing status.

Use the Interactive Tax Assistant at to see if you can claim this credit and how much you may get.

Once there, click on "Am I eligible to claim the child and dependent care credit?"