Supplemental Form Help


Why You May Need More Assistance

The Free File Fillable Forms program refers taxpayers to the IRS form instructions and publications for completing a tax return; however, Free File Fillable Forms does not always allow what the paper instructions state. This may cause you to believe a form is not functioning properly when it is.

This causes many general questions about:

  1. Where to enter information on the form
  2. How to enter information on the form
  3. Why you can't enter certain information

Where to Get More Assistance

If you did not find your form on the prior Line-by-Line Instructions page, you should search for your issue from one of the links below.

Forms and Limitations provides information about

  • Forms you can use
  • Finding the supported form you need
  • Why the form won’t let you do certain things
  • Issues that may prohibit you from e-filing your return

The User's GuidePDF provides information about

  • Entering Negative Numbers
  • Entering a Foreign Addresses
  •  Worksheets 
  • Lines calculating 
  • Transferring information to another form or line
  • PIN information  
  • Why can’t I attach a statement 
  • Writing in additional information 
  • Attaching forms
  • And much more

Go to the User's GuidePDF and search it for key words by pressing the Ctrl+F keys simultaneously.

If you searched our pages and could not find a solution, you may Contact Us.