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Publication 4492-A (7/2008) p4492a.pdf Publication 4492-A (7/2008), Information for Taxpayers Affected by the May 4, 2007, Kansas Storms and Tornadoes
Publication 4492-B (01/2010) p4492b.pdf Publication 4492-B (01/2010), Information for Affected Taxpayers in the Midwestern Disaster Areas
Publicación 4492(SP) (3/2006) p4492sp.pdf Publicación 4492(SP) (3/2006), Información para los Contribuyentes Afectados por los Huracanes Katrina, Rita y Wilma
Publication 4681 (2018) p4681.pdf Publication 4681 (2018), Canceled Debts, Foreclosures, Repossessions, and Abandonments
Publication 5292 (2017) p5292.pdf Publication 5292 (2017), How to Calculate Section 965 Amounts and Elections Available to Taxpayers